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The Second China-ASEAN University Students' Culture Week

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DATE: 20.06.2019

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In order to build up close cultural exchange relations between China and ASEAN countries, as well as other related countries, Haikou University of Economics and the ASEAN Studies Institute will invite university student performance teams of ASEAN countries to participate in the second China-ASEAN University Students'Culture Week which will be held from 25th to 30th November 2019 in Haikou City of Hainan Province, China.


China-ASEAN University Students' Culture Week is one of the cultural activities of the Hainan carnival which, in its 20th session this year, is known as the largest arts festival in Hainan province. The main purpose of hosting this Culture Week is to establish an international platform for China-ASEAN and related countries’ university students to exchange their cultural appreciation, as well as to promote traditional cultures of various nations and ethnic groups. More than 400 people of 30 delegations from 15 countries participated in the first China-ASEAN University Students' Culture Week in November 2018 as main-sponsor.

we welcome university performing teams to join us in this China-ASEAN University Students' Culture Week. Traditional dance, modern dance, folk songs and popular songs could be the main contents of the culture week performance. Each team may stay in Hainan for around 5-6 days, participating in the Opening Performance and other activities. Expenses on promotion, venue, local transportation and accommodations will be supported by the organizing committee of the Culture Week.


Another grand opening of University Performance , China-ASEAN University Student Cup E-Sports Competition, Micro Film Competition and Photographic Exhibition will hosted in HUE during Culture Week.


We believe that your participation will make a great contribution to this culture week and greatly enhance our overall mission.


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