Haikou University Of EconomicsHUE Holds 2019 Graduation Ceremony and Closing Ceremony of the 6th Arts and Culture Festival


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HUE Holds 2019 Graduation Ceremony and Closing Ceremony of the 6th Arts and Culture Festival

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DATE: 21.06.2019

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On Monday evening June 10th, Haikou University of Economics held the graduation ceremony for the 2019 graduates and the closing ceremony of the 6th Arts and Culture Festival at the track and field stadium. Prof. Cao Chengjie, Chairman of HUE, Prof. Chen Xiao, President of HUE and other school leaders, deans and heads of all the 14 colleges and faculties as well as representatives of teachers and students attended the ceremony. The stadium, with a capacity of 23,000 seats, saw a full house in the evening.

The graduation ceremony, presided over by Vice President Peng Jingyi, kicked off in the solemn flag-hoisting ceremony. The graduate representatives were then awarded diploma and degree certificates by Prof. Chen Xiao, President of HUE. Other leaders of the university also presented medals to advanced individuals of the 6th Arts and Culture Festival and also cash awards to the students who have successfully accepted to graduate study by universities both home and abroad.

Ms. Yuan Ying, from the School of Foreign Languages, spoke as a representative of the graduates. She recalled the good times of college life and expressed her gratitude and blessings to her teachers, parents and classmates. Yuan has been accepted as a graduate student in a first class Chinese university, China Science and Technology University in Hefei.

At last, several shows performed by students conveyed the ardent blessings and hopes for the graduates. Well-rehearsed dance and singing won much warm applause again and again. The performance and the ceremony came to an end gradually in the poem reading Please Accept My Blessing.



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