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Prof. Cao Chengjie, HUE Chairman, Visits Laos for Education Links

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DATE: 24.06.2019

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At the invitation of universities in Laos, a five people delegation headed by Prof. Cao Chengjie,Chairman of HUE and Prof.Chen Xiao, President of HUE, visited Laos on 16th June 2019. During their trip, the delegation, accompanied by officials from the education department of the Lao government, visited the National University of Laos, XiengKhuang Teachers’ Training College and some Primary and Secondary Schools as well as kindergartens. The delegation also inspected the development of the Lao XiengKhuang Special Economic Zone.


Prof. Cao Chengjie met with the Vice President of the National University of Laos, the President of XiengKhuang Teachers’ Training College, and the head of the XiengKhuang Special Economic Zone. Both sides reached a preliminary common view that HUE will assist in the education affairs of the XiengKhuang Special Economic Zone and the students from Laos will come to HUE for study. The Lao side expressed their great expectation to accelerate the cooperation with our school in the near future.


This visit has achieved a great success, which helped built a good foundation for further educational exchanges and cooperation between Haikou University of Economics and education institutions in Laos. Ms. Cao Fei, Deputy Secretary of the school’s party committee and Mr. Chen Jiang, Advisor to the President, accompanied the Chairman in the journey.


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