Haikou University Of EconomicsYoung Teachers and Students Heading for Graduate Study in Rajapruk University Thailand


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Young Teachers and Students Heading for Graduate Study in Rajapruk University Thailand

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DATE: 26.06.2019

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For the purpose of improving the academic qualifications of young teachers and increasing the number of students for graduate programmes, a group of young teachers and students from Haikou University of Economics will go to Rajapruk University in Thailand to continue their study for master degree in this coming summer vacation and on Monday evening of 24th June, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office held a training session for them in the first lecture hall of the Academic Centre. Prof. Chen Xiao, President of HUE and 45 international student candidates (including 17 students and 20 teachers for graduate study and 8 exchange students) attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Prof. Chen Xiao delivered a speech in which he made specific requirements demanding that international students should pay attention to their safety during their study in Thailand. He encouraged everyone to clarify their learning objectives, fully prepare for studying in Thailand, and effectively improve their learning outcomes. At the same time, Prof. Chen also emphasized personal and property safety problem. He then reiterated that everyone should help each other, successfully complete the various tasks of overseas study, and return to school with full achievements.

Finally, Prof. Chen Xiao presented documents for scholarship offered by Rajapruk University to five young teachers and students with excellent academic performance.

Prof. Chen Jiang, Advisor to the President, as well as other officers from the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation were also at the meeting.



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