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ASEAN Consuls General Visit HUE

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DATE: 23.11.2021

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On 20 November, a special show of the presentation of selected works from the 4th China-ASEAN University Students’ Culture Week was held in HUE Concert Hall. Consuls general of eight ASEAN countries in Guangzhou and Haikou visited Haikou University of Economics and attended the event.

     Prof. Chen Xiao, President of Haikou University of Economics, made a welcome speech, and extended his invitation to scholars and university students from ASEAN countries to participate in the annual HUE events of the Forum on Education Cooperation with ASEAN Countries, the Island Economic Development and International Cooperation Forum, and the China-ASEAN University Students’ Culture Week. President Chen also encouraged students from ASEAN countries to study at HUE.

     This presentation displayed selected works of the Short Film Contest from the 4th China-ASEAN University Students’Culture Week, a platform for university students from China, ASEAN countries, as well as countries along the Belt and Road, Japan and South Korea to exchange arts and culture, with the aim of inspiring their creativities and promoting cross cultural understanding.


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