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The 22nd Hainan International Tourism Island Carnival the 4th China – ASEAN University Students’ Culture Week

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DATE: 13.12.2021

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To promote exchange of the arts and culture among university students of China, the ASEAN countries, as well as countries along the Belt and Road, Japan and South Korea, and build a platform for friendship and communication among young people from all countries, the 4th China - ASEAN University Students’ Culture Week, one of the major events of the 22nd Hainan International Tourism Island Carnival, is held in December 2021. The Culture Week, organized by Haikou University of Economics, is under the government guidance of ASEAN-China Centre and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports of Hainan Province, and supported by the Publicity Department of Haikou City Party Committee, Haikou Foreign Affairs Office and Haikou People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The event aims to inspire students' content creativity in the multicultural background, help train outstanding personnel, promote Chinese culture, and establish Hainan's international image of inclusiveness and openness.
     The Culture Week consists of two sections, the Short Film Contest and Song Singing Contest. University students from China, the ten ASEAN countries, countries along the Belt and Road, as well as Japan, Korea and other countries are invited. These two contests are carried out by Wardour Studios Academy, the ASEAN Studies Institute of Haikou University of Economics and Hunan Yage Culture Media Co. Ltd., and also co-organized by Hainan Kunlun Sports & Culture Co. Ltd. The panel of judges has a strong lineup. The organizing committee and jury members of the Short Film Contest include Lu Haibo, member of the Film Censorship Committee of China; Kang Jianmin, former Party Secretary of China Film Association, Li Hong, Secretary General of the Union of Movie Channels; Zheng Kainan, Honourary Chairman of Shenzhen Film and TV Artists Association; Steven Nia, Chairman of the World Film Institute, Kim Goo HoiChairman of the Organizing Committee of Korea Dajong Awards, Che Jingxing, Deputy Secretary-General of China Television Director Committee, Roger Christian, Oscar winner, and Aiki Imanjaya, Film School Professor of Universitas Bina Nusantara Indonesia.
     The Short Film Contest awards are set as Golden Peacock Award, Best Screenplay Award, Best Director Award, Best Short Film Award, Best Creative Award, Best Communicator Power Award and five other awards. The Singing Contest awards include First Prize of the Contest, Second Prizes of the Contest, Third Prizes of the Contest, and Best Popularity Awards. Winners receive award certificates, exquisite trophies, and bonuses as well.
     The Best Short Film Award is Winter Solstice from Jincheng College of Chengdu. When the Wind Blows from Korea and BAHANDI from the Philippines acquired respectively the Best Screenwriter Award and the Best Outstanding Screenwriter Award. Chen Wenjing from Jilin University of the Arts is the winner of the First Prize Award while Cindy Priciliya from Indonesia the Third Prize Award of the Singing Contest.
     The Gala Performance & Award Ceremony was held on 11th December at the Grand Theatre of Haikou University of Economics. Ms. Li Yaying, Deputy Director of Education, Culture and Tourism Division of ASEAN-China Centre, Prof. Chen Xiao, President of Haikou University of Economics delivered speeches on the occasion. Chinese and international students from Hainan Qiongtai Normal University and Haikou University of Economics presented cultural performances which are full of national traditions and exotic customs. Leaders from ASEAN-China Centre, Hainan Provincial Tourism and Culture Department, relevant departments of Haikou city, Consulate General of Cambodia in Haikou, as well as some judges and winners were present in the evening.
Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the collection and jury work of the two contests was conducted online, except for the Gala Performance & Award Ceremony on 11th December. 


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