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President Chen Xiao Extends Regards to Foreign Teachers in HUE

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DATE: 23.12.2021

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As the new year steps are approaching and the semester comes to an end, Prof. Chen Xiao, President of HUE, met on 22nd December with three foreign teachers in praise of their efforts in teaching. They are English teachers Christopher Roy Monroe Knudson and Boyd-Russell, as well as Korean teacher Kwak Hyeran from the Oriental College of International Trade and Foreign Languages. President Chen had a cordial conversation with the teachers and presented new year gifts to them. A dinner in honour of the teachers was served after the meeting.
President Chen conveyed his holiday greetings to the foreign teachers and fully approved of their high-quality teaching work. He also praised them for their responsibilities and professional spirits, and expressed his gratitude to the foreign teachers for their dedication to the teaching career in HUE. The foreign teachers also said that they were grateful to the university for the care and help they enjoyed. For the present, there are five foreign teachers working in HUE, among whom Japanese teacher Yoko Shimizu and Wardour Studios Academy teacher Nobuaki Takahashi haven’t arrived yet due to COVID-19 pandemic.
Ms. Dong Shuhui, Dean of the Oriental College of International Trade and Foreign Languages, Ms. Wang Sa, Deputy Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Ms. Yuan Fei, Director of the Study Abroad Service Centre and Prof. Hao Yunzhi from Nankai University were also present at the meeting.





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