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HUE Foreign Teachers in Lantern Festival Excursion

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DATE: 18.02.2022

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To celebrate the Lantern Festival and explore Hainan culture, Christopher, American foreign teacher of the Oriental College of International Trade and Foreign Languages, and Takahashi, Japanese teacher of Wardour Studios Academy participated in a unique Lantern Festival activity co-hosted by Haikou Foreign Affairs Office and Haikou Foreign Expert Bureau on 15th February. A tea party was first held in a hotel to send government’s warm greeting to expats living and working in Haikou. Nearly 30 foreign friends from the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other countries gathered together to share experience of living in Hainan. Then all the guests were lead in an excursion to Chengmai for a visit to the historical landscape Twin Pagodas for experiencing Hainan local culture.

       Mr. Han Shuyong, director of the International Cooperation Department of Wardour Studios Academy, entrusted by the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of HUE accompanied foreign teachers in the activity.


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