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A Brief Introduction to HUE International Exchange


DATE: 10.04.2019

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Haikou University of Economics actively explores international education exchange and cooperation. In recent years, remarkable achievements have been made and internationalization has been in successful progress. It has established cooperative relationship with more than 40 foreign universities and educational institutions such as those in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, as well as New Zealand, Korea, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom and Austria. In particular, the potential  development of education cooperation with universities in ASEAN countries is with optimistic prospect. Haikou University of Economics strives to promote cooperation with ASEAN countries in the "Belt and Road" background, give full play to the humanistic and geographical advantages, in an effort to gain benefits and influence in the region.

Chapter One      Government Support

1.Mr. Liu Cigui, Party Secretary of Hainan, accompanied by Mr. Cao Chengjie, Chairman of HUE, visits Haikou University of Economics during the Teacher's Day.


2.With the aid of Haikou Government, Haikou University of Economics and Northland Polytechnics of New Zealand signed MOU in July 10, 2014 as sister universities. In November 2017, President Chen Xiao and delegation visited Whangarei City Hall.


3.H.E. Vira, Culture Minister of Thailand, accompanied by Mr. Vasin Consul-General of Thailand, visited Haikou University of Economics in April 8, 2018.


Chapter Two      Cooperation among Universities

1.In October 2017, Mr. Cao Chengjie, Chairman of HUE, met with the leaders of Singapore and Thailand delegations that attended the Innovation  and  Entrepreneurship Month in Haikou University of Economics


2.Signing Ceremony of Graduate Programmes between HUE and RPU.


3.Teachers from Rajapruk University(Thailand) in HUE for short term Chinese language training in April 2018.


4.North Tec (New Zealand) exchange students in a short-term study tour in HUE, learning Chinese culture and joining in student club project. 


5. HUE Thai students in beautiful Thai traditional costumes celebrate Songkran Festival in the school campus.


Chapter Three      International Activities

1.Mr. Cao Chengjie, Chairman of HUE , meets with Mr. Vasin, Thai Cousul General and delegation leaders of the seven participating countries, coming to HUE for the first Forum on Education Cooperation with ASEAN Countries.


2.The 3rd Island Economics Development and International Cooperation Forum in December 2018.


3.The Grand Opening of the First China ASEAN University Students’ Culture Week was organized by Haikou University of Economics and held on 25th November 2018 in the Exhibition and Conference Centre of Hainan. More than 400 people of 30 delegations from 15 countries participated in the event. Mr. Chen Dehai, Secretary General of ASEAN- China Centre delivers his speech at the Opening Ceremony.



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