Haikou University Of EconomicsHUE student made vlog about exchange study in Germany


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HUE student made vlog about exchange study in Germany

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DATE: 26.09.2021

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This is a campus vlog made by Jia Yixin, HUE student completing exchange study in Hochschule Osnabrück-University of Applied Sciences, Germany during Covid-19 period.



I am honoured to represent Haikou University of Economics to undertake exchange study programme in German university. 

I am grateful for the vaccine protection given by my country. I am also grateful for the care and help from HUE president, staff of HUE International Office and my HUE counsellor. Without their support, I wouldn’t make this study abroad journey a smooth one.  

I hope that this vlog will give you a taste of campus life in Germany and help you in the future.


To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.


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