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Rajapruk University is a private higher education institution located in Nonthaburi province. Trace back in 1971, the university was founded as a college, on the great resolve of  Dr. Kamol and Dr Wipawan Choosup, with the noble aim of pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and academic excellence in redefining tertiary education. 

Rajapruk University is now led by Dr. Anawut Choosup, the president, who has been active and well-known in education in Thailand for many years. The university is one of the most respected private higher education institutions in Thailand and is recognized by the national academic community as a fast growing private institution in Thailand, rapidly growing student body and academic programs. 

 University Philosophy

An institute of modern learning, quality, virtue, and leadership to an international standard.

University Mission

Rajapruk University is the first higher education private institution in Nonthaburi. The primary objectives of the university are:

1. Graduate Production

         The university is considered as the modern learning university.  So, the main purpose is to produce high quality graduates in both academic and practical matter, and apply modern knowledge and technology to cultivate our graduates well-prepared for the demands of the real world together with emotionally mature, ethically sound, creative entrepreneurial leaders and better equipped for the knowledge-based economy of today.   

2. Research

     The university places a strong emphasis on research development seeing research as the foundation for establishing an effective academic environment. Our business research, problem solving research, and national research are supported widely. The research is also made contribution to the local community.   

3. Academic Services

     The university is focused on being the center of social academic service, sharing knowledge with the local and national community. 

4. Arts and Cultures Conservation

     Rajapruk University also emphasizes and supports arts and culture.  Promoting the cultural conservation of our traditions and preserving our Thai national identity for future generation, while at the sometime,   encouraging creative applications in the arts.    

5. Management Administration

     The University conducts good governance for sustainable development and emphasizes on renewable resources, environmental soundness, and maintaining a well-kept area and facility to meet the University’s objectives.

Academic Programs 

Today, Rajapruk University is home to about 3,600 students and comprised of six faculties including: the Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Accounting, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Communication Arts, Faculty of Science and Public Health, and Faculty of Arts. We offer six bachelor's degree and four graduate degree:

1.  Bachelor's degree

1.1     Business Administration programs in: Business Computer, Marketing, Business Management, Hotel and Tourism Management, and Logistics Management.

1.2      Bachelors of Accounting Program, Bachelors of Laws, 

1.3     Bachelors of Communication Arts Program in Advertising and Public Relations,

1.4      Bachelors of Technology Program in Information Technology

1.5     Bachelors of Public Health Program in Community Public Health, 

1.6     Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Business English. 

2.    Master’s degree 

2.1     Masters of Business Administration, 

2.2     Masters of Public Administration Program, 

2.3      Masters of Education Program in Educational Administration.

2.4      Graduate Diploma in Teacher Profession 

Student services

We have a range of student supporting services to help our students to adjust their college life and provide them with continuing support that will enhance their learning. We support the students with housing, student financial aid, career services, health services, counseling and academic skills. We also promote the health support through sports such as football, basketball, futsal, hand ball, petanque and so on. 


Rajapruk University Campus

1.  Main Campus (Nonthaburi Campus):

9 Nakhon In Road, Bang Kanoon Sub-district,Bang Kruay District, Nonthaburi 11130


Tel. 662 432 6101–5, Fax. 662 432 6107


2.  Noppawong Campus:

22/9 Namai, Lat Lum Kaeo, Patumthani 12140. 


Tel. 662 194 5661, Fax. 662 432 6107


3. Phuket Campus:

        224/9 Thepkasattree Road, Talad Yai Sub-district, Muang District, Phuket 83000


Tel. 662 2432 6101–5, Fax. 662 2432 6107



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