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Chinese Language Training Class

Haikou University of Economics

Haikou University of Economics (HUE), located in Jiangdong new district of Haikou, the core start-up construction area of Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone (Port), is a private university based on undergraduate programmes covering such specific academic ranges as economics, management, engineering, literature, the arts and education, etc. Founded in 1974, HUE consists of 12 colleges and schools with 47 undergraduate programmes, recruiting students from 27 provinces nationwide. There are currently 23,000 full-time students in the school campus. HUE boasts of beautiful campus environment, with well-equipped teaching facilities and professional experimental laboratories. The school library has a collection of more than 1.422 million hard copy books and 2.048 million electronic books; cultural and sports facilities are complete with gymnasium, swimming pools, concert halls, stadium, as well as qualified development training base. HUE is an ideal academic and living centre for young students both home and abroad. 

     In order to promote education exchange, Haikou University has set up a Chinese Language Training Class for international students. Students of this class who pass the Chinese language proficiency test of HSK4,after one year (or less)training, can apply for government scholarship or university scholarship and continue their study in certain undergraduate programmes in Haikou University of Economics.

Teaching Course Overview

     1. Course levels: elementary and intermediate. Students are divided into two classes, elementary and intermediate, according to their Chinese level.

     2. Period of schooling: one academic year/ one semester.

     3. Target proficiency: Target proficiency: the elementary Chinese class focuses on the training of basic Chinese language knowledge, and the achievement of HSK2 level after the completion of the course. While continuing to consolidate the basic Chinese language knowledge, the intermediate Chinese class also strengthens the improvement of reading and writing ability in order that the students could pass HSK4 level after the completion of course.

     4. Curriculum setting: systematic teaching of Chinese language is carried out by combining listening, speaking, reading, writing and comprehensive courses. Meanwhile, Chinese culture study or practical language activities are arranged accordingly.

Teaching Arrangement

     More than 20 class hours from Monday to Friday will be arranged in each week and auxiliary classes added at times according to teaching requirement. There is extracurricular activity once or twice a week (Chinese corner) as a supplement for further enrichment of language practice.

Admission Requirements

     Foreign students who are healthy, well-behaved, with no criminal record, willing to abide by the Chinese laws and school regulations, and respect Chinese people's customs and habits are qualified to apply for scholarship to study in the Chinese Language Training Class. 

Time for Application

Students may apply and register at any time and no registration and enrollment fees will be charged.

        The elementary class is from March to June and the intermediate class is from September to December. The Chinese level of the students enrolled in September is better to reach HSK level 2.

Application Procedure

     1.Online application or application in person :

     ① Online registration: please send an email to 513616253@qq.com to ask for "application form for international students of Haikou University of Economics", and send it back after completion;

     ② Registration in person: come to the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of HUE and fill in the "application form for international students of Haikou University of Economics";

     2. Please send the following application materials to the above email address (the application materials will not be returned regardless of admission approval):

     ① Copies of applicant's passport or identity document;

     ② One bareheaded, white-background, electronic photo of recent passport.

     ③ Scanning copies of High school(or Vocational school) graduation  certificate.

     ④Students who has the intention to apply for government scholarship and continue their study in undergraduate programmes in HUE, after Chinese Language Training Class study with HSK4 examination results, are required to provide NOTARIZED  high school graduation  certificates and school transcripts.

Admission Procedure

     International students who have confirmed their admission shall go through the admission process according to the following procedures with the Admission Letter issued by HUE school authority:

     1. Hand in 4 bareheaded, white-background photos (3.3*4.8cm);

     2. On the first day of your arrival, please hand in the textbook(600RMB), insurance fee(580-800RMB/year) and dormitory fee.

     The university provides students 2 types of dormitory:

     Type 1: Dormitory of 4 persons/room, including bathroom, separate writing desk, bed, air conditioner, water heater, washing machine, water dispenser, fan, etc. The dormitory fee is RMB 2,800 per person/year. 

     Type 2: Hotel standard two beds room with an open kitchen counter, which provides microwave oven, wardrobe, bathroom, separate writing desk, bed, air conditioner, water heater, water dispenser and fan, etc. The dormitory fee is RMB 5,600 per person/year.

Scholarship and Tuition Fees

     HUE maintains 20 full scholarships for one-year Chinese language training class every year, which are awarded to students who are most qualified and apply in advance. The annual tuition fee of 16,000 yuan CNY is thus waived.

     The school provides half-scholarship, waiver of 50% of the school tuition fee, for students who fail to obtain the full scholarship. Students get half-scholarship may only pay 8,000 yuan CNY for the academic year (4,000 yuan per semester).

Contact Information


     Haikou University of Economics

     No.1001, Haitao Avenue, Guilinyang University Town, Haikou, China


     Email address for application and registration:

     Ms. Li: 513616253 @qq.com

     Website of HUE:http://www.hkc.edu.cn

     Website of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, HUE: http://sf.hkc.edu.cn/web/jlhz/




    1. 课程等级:初级、中级。学校根据学生的汉语基础将学生分成初级汉语、中级汉语两个层次进行培训。

    2. 学习期限:一学年/一学期

    3. 学习目标:汉语初级班注重汉语基础知识的训练,结业达到HSK2级。汉语中级班在继续巩固汉语基础知识的同时,加强阅读技能的提高和写作能力的培养,结业达到HSK4级。












    ①  网络报名:发送邮件至513616253@qq.com询要“海口经济学院来华留学生入学申请表”填写完毕后回传;

    ②  现场报名:从海口经济学院国际交流合作处办公室领取并填写“海口经济学院来华留学生入学申请表”。


    ①  申请人护照复印件;

    ②  近期护照用免冠白底电子照片1张;

    ③  提供高中或高中同等学力的毕业证明和成绩单扫描件;

    ④  通过HSK4级后,如希望直升我校本科并申请省政府奖学金或本校奖学金的学生,需提供高中或高中同等学力的毕业证明和成绩单的公证原件。



    1. 提交免冠白底照片4张(3.3*4.8cm);

    2. 入学第一天缴纳教材费(600元)、保险费(580元-800元)和住宿费。学校提供两种宿舍:1. 学校提供两种宿舍:1.学生宿舍4人间,含卫生间、独立写字台、床、空调、热水器、洗衣机、饮水机、电扇等,费用每人每学年2,800元。2.宾馆式2人标间,费用为每人每学年5600元,含卫生间、独立写字台、床、大衣柜、空调、热水器、饮水机、电扇,内配敞开式厨房操作台、微波炉。












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