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My First Day in Haikou University of Economics (Vicky Zhang Xiaomei)

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DATE: 08.11.2019

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The end of the long summer vacation ushered in my first day of University. Before that, I still wondered whether the school environment was beautiful, whether the roommates were kind, and so on.

This day, like me, the students were all with their families to sign themselves up for school. We came in from the west gate and followed the navigation all the way. We saw the West Garden canteen, the cinema, the track and field stadium, and finally came to the employment center. When I went in, I immediately exclaimed that there were so many people inside! It was so crowded that one would keep sweating with the hot air. I went through the crowd to our college registration desk and joined the queue. After a while, I was approached by a girl behind me. She asked me, "What is your major, classmate?" I replied, "English, and you?" "I'm like you. Can I follow you?" "Ok." As expected in a natural and normal way, I became a roommate with this girl dressed in a simple style.

Along the way, we walked, watched and chatted. It took us about 20 minutes to find the dormitory. When we entered the dormitory, we began busy cleaning and sorting out our own things, while making beds and arranging mosquito nets. After cleaning up, my roommates and I went out for a walk in the campus. We discovered that the school was very green, with fountains and various flowers and plants. It was very good. I like green plants.

My first day here was about to pass. After learning about this school, I couldn’t help feeling that I had become a student of Haikou University of Economics in which I would be proud to study and live for my future college life.


Vicky Zhang Xiaomei 张晓妹 (外国语学院英语专业本科2017级)


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