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University Overview

Haikou University of Economics(HUE) is a private university chiefly based on undergraduate programmes covering such specific academic sectors as economics, management, engineering, literature, the arts and education. Founded in 1974 as a college, the school was later upgraded to an undergraduate university by the approval of the Ministry of Education in March 2008. Haikou University of Economics consists of 14 colleges and schools with 40 undergraduate programmes, recruiting students from 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide. There are 23,000 full-time students currently, among which 16,100 are undergraduates. HUE boasts of favourable school-running conditions with a beautiful first-class campus. Covering a land area of 1.1 square kilometres and a total construction area close to 700,000 square metres, the campus has involved an investment of more than 2 billion Yuan (CNY). In order to facilitate well-equipped teaching standard, HUE has completed construction of professional experimental and training laboratories. The library, rich in its variety, has a collection of more than 1.422 million hard copy books and more than 2.048 million electronic books. Cultural and sports facilities are complete with gymnasium, swimming pools, concert halls, stadium, as well as qualified development training base. Providing complete living quarters such as student dormitories, standard hotels, restaurants, canteens and supermarkets at the same time, HUE is an ideal academic and living centre for students both home and abroad.

Schools and Departments

Schools and Departments of HUE

Serial NumberSchools and Departments
1College of Finance and Accountancy
2College of Business Administration
3College of Tourism and Civil Aviation Management

Nanhai Conservatory of Music

5Faculty of Art Design

TV Zone Academy of Media and Communication

7College of International Trade and Foreign Languages
8Faculty of Network Science
9Yaha School of Engineering and Built Environment

New Silk Road School of Fashion Design and Physical Education


Wardour Studios Academy

12Nanhai Film Academy
13Faculty of Marxism

College of Continuing Education


College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

16Affiliated Vocational School

Undergraduate Programmes

Serial NumberUndergraduate ProgrammesDegrees
1EconomicsBachelor of Economics
2International Economics and TradeBachelor of Economics
3Financial EngineeringBachelor of Economics
4Community Sports Guidance and ManagementBachelor of Economics
5Leisure SportsBachelor of Economics
6EnglishBachelor of Arts
7JapaneseBachelor of Arts
8KoreanBachelor of Arts
9JournalismBachelor of Arts
10Electrical Engineering and AutomationBachelor of Engineering
11Electronic Information EngineeringBachelor of Engineering
12Communication EngineeringBachelor of Engineering
13Computer Science and TechnologyBachelor of Engineering
14Internet of ThingsBachelor of Engineering
15>Civil EngineeringBachelor of Engineering
16TransportationBachelor of Engineering
17Urban and Rural PlanningBachelor of Engineering
18Water Supply and Drainage Science & EngineeringBachelor of Engineering
19Construction CostBachelor of Engineering
20Construction ManagementBachelor of Engineering
21MarketingBachelor of Engineering
22AccountingBachelor of Engineering
23Financial ManagementBachelor of Engineering
24Human Resources ManagementBachelor of Engineering
25AuditingBachelor of Engineering
26Logistics ManagementBachelor of Engineering
27Electronic CommerceBachelor of Engineering
28Tourism ManagementBachelor of Engineering
29Hotel ManagementBachelor of Engineering
30Convention and Exhibition Economy and ManagementBachelor of Engineering
31Music PerformanceBachelor of Arts
32ChoreologyBachelor of Arts
33Broadcasting and Television Editing and DirectingBachelor of Arts
34Broadcasting and HostingBachelor of Arts
35Visual Communication DesignBachelor of Arts
36PhotographyBachelor of Arts
37PerformanceBachelor of Arts
38Environment DesignBachelor of Arts
39Product DesignBachelor of Arts
40Costume and Fashion DesignBachelor of Arts

Academic Achievements and others

Haikou University of Economics has made, in the past years, much progress with academic achievements especially in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship and has gained wide social recognition. HUE has won many academic and honourary titles such as “National Non-government Funded Advanced Education Collective”, and one of the “Top 50 Innovative Entrepreneurship Universities Nationwide”. For the consecutive years of 2004-2011, HUE has been rated as “Outstanding Organization of University Graduates Employment Assessment in Hainan Province”, "Provincial Advanced Social Organization", "Provincial Energy Saving Meritorious Organization", "Provincial Garden Campus University", and "Provincial Civilized Organization for 2007-2010". From 2010 to 2012, HUE has always been in the forefront of all universities in the graduated student employment arrangement in Hainan Province. In the last three years, HUE has been continuously cited by SINA as "Top 10 Private University of China with Most Comprehensive Potentialities".

Campus Activities

The School Academic Year Opening Ceremony, the School Games, the Campus Arts Festival and the Science and Technology Innovation Month are the most attractive large-scale events regularly held in Haikou University of Economics every year. There are also other campus activities such as the Entrepreneurship Competition, the "119 Cup" Fire Knowledge Competition, the Music Festival, and the Top 10 Campus Singer Contest. HUE have also hold many high-level international events and activities, such as the Miss World Tour China Finals, the National Beach Volleyball Finals, the Italy Sound of Verdi International Vocal Competition China Finals and Italy Sicily Orchestra New Year Concert. Nobel Prize winners in chemistry and physics were invited to give lectures for the students. Apart from all these campus activities, students also benefit from serving as volunteers in the Boao Forum for Asia, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Asian Games, National Ethnic Minority Traditional Games and other activities.

At present, there are 75 student clubs with a total of 17,605 members. More than 300 club events of various kinds are conducted annually, forming club brand activities, enriching students' extracurricular life as well as raising their academic, practical, communicative, cultural and other aspects of comprehensive ability. Successful clubs like Mathematical Modeling Association, Design Society, Calligraphy Association, Zhugenquan Literary Club have won many grand prizes in various national professional competitions. As the Tourism Research Society has won the title of "2012 National Excellent College Society", individuals like Dong Tianyu, student from fashion model team of HUE, successfully got the third place of the National International Fashion Competition (Guangzhou) in 2017.

International Exchange and Cooperation

Haikou University of Economics actively carries out international education exchange and cooperation projects. Cooperation in the field of teaching and project management with other countries provides teachers and students easy access to various opportunities in foreign universities. Process regarding studying abroad is made convenient with the aid from the management. HUE has already established cooperative relationship with universities in Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, Korea, Australia, the U.S., U.K., Canada and etc, furnishing programmes such as short-term language training, one term student exchange and so on.

HUE has also programmes of accepting foreign students to study in China, strengthening education exchange and cooperation with countries related to “the Belt and Road Initiatives”, particularly ASEAN countries. The major ways of cooperation involved are mainly diploma education, short-term project or vocational qualification training.

Haikou University of Economics holds regularly two major large scale international education and economic forums, the "Belt and Road" Forum on Education Cooperation with ASEAN Countries in late April, and the Island Economy Development and International Cooperation Forum in the beginning of December every year. HUE actively explores international education cooperation, and has co-founded ASEAN Studies Institute with universities from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea and New Zealand in April 2018. It aims at making contribution to ASEAN issue research, especially in the field of education.  The Korean Language Research Centre was also set up recently in September 2017 together with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. At present, Thailand Research Centre is under preparation with cooperation and support from Rajapruk University of Thailand. Projects of academic cooperation with Massey University and sister university Northland Polytechnic of New Zealand, Panyapiwat Institute of Management of Thailand and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman of Malaysia are reaching more effective and mature steps with the common efforts of all partners involved.

Haikou University of Economics adheres to the "internationalized open-style" concept, cultivates the "preciseness, professionalism" academic principle, and dedicates to fostering international visionary talents who are familiar with international rules to participate in international affairs and competitions.



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