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Dear students and friends,

During his visit to Hainan in 2018, President Xi Jinping unveiled China's plan to build Hainan Island into a pilot international free trade zone, in an effort to gradually explore and steadily promote the establishment of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics. This will be a great impetus for Hainan in its economic development as well as its education cooperation with the outside world.

Haikou University of Economics, located in the eastern district of Haikou, the core start-up construction area of Hainan Free Trade Zone, is a private university chiefly based on such specific academic ranges as economics, management, engineering, literature, the arts and education. It consists of 15 colleges and schools with more than 50 undergraduate programmes, with a total number of 23,000 students. In recent years, international cooperation has been speeded up and links with foreign universities, especially with ASEAN countries have increased. Forum on Education Cooperation with ASEAN Countries is held every April since 2018 and the China ASEAN University Students’ Culture Week has witnessed its second session in November 2019. Some foreign students, take part not only in the international events along with other scholars from abroad, but also have joined their Chinese counterparts as diploma seeking students studying in different schools and departments in HUE. They have tried their best to integrate into the campus life with their Chinese friends in their study and daily activities.

All streams run into the ocean and all knowledge acquired serves the society. This school motto has always inspired HUE students to work hard in their academic endeavour. Dear young students, you are welcome to HUE. You are encouraged to study hard and achieve successful results in the four year long period of your stay in HUE, which you might consider as your second home in your life and in your pursuit of a better career.

I hope, and I am also confident, that you will make great progress in your study in HUE, become a future brilliant person, and repay your teacher, your parents and the society in the years to come.

With best wishes!

Prof. CHEN Xiao, President

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