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Impressions of HUE exchange students studying at Thailand Rajapruk University


DATE: 17.10.2018

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Editor’s Note

As an important part of international cooperation, exchange programme plays a special role in promoting academic exchanges between China and other countries and friendship between Chinese and foreign youths. On 5th September? this year, seven students from different schools of Haikou University of Economics went to Rajapruk University of Thailand to start a one-year exchange programme. Through this project, students experience the teaching mode and life style of university in Thailand. The outdoor teaching plus social practice broadens their horizons and enriches their experience. Following are the articles of the seven students who have been studying and living in Rajapruk university for a month. The editor has not made any revision in order to let the readers fully share their experience.

Thoughts of exchange students

Tingting He

It has been nearly a month, but I feel I have been here for a long time. It seems that I have regarded this as my other home, my classmates and teachers as my family. I still remember the first time I came to Thailand, got off the plane, went through the customs, and took my luggage. Then I met my first teacher, miss zhu. Now we affectionately call her mother zhu. At that time, she spoke fluent Chinese and was warm and friendly. On the way to school, she kept telling us about the local customs and practices of Thailand, culture and customs.


Over the next few days, our group of seven friends from different regions began to wander around and eat. For more than 4 days a week, we usually leave the school and go outside. The teachers take us to buy living supplies, take us to have meals and go shopping.

Now each of us has our own Thai name, is a variety of fruit, go out to buy fruit is simply a case. Then we met an upperclassman and senior, who took care of us in all aspects of life. He was a little gourmet, so we just ate with him in our spare time. But again delicious Thai cannot erase we miss the taste of home, magic is our another 711, inside what all have, we will go to the time, regularly 5 shut up for school canteen and supermarkets in the us, 711 is our depot, key is there are dumplings and pay treasure, is the Gospel of the Chinese people, for the first time to eat dumplings at home and the senior to old dopted mother, tears of happiness on everyone's face. Senior often teaches us how to live and study here, teaches us Thai. Although she has only been here for a year, she has already been able to speak Thai fluently.

Now we have started regular classes. Classes are available in the morning and evening. Thai people do not take a nap at noon. I really like the course arranged for us by the school, Thai etiquette class, we get together to learn to worship Buddha and learn to sing and dance. The whole class is very happy. Even though we are sleepy in the afternoon, we are also affected by the atmosphere of crazy fun. As an English professional I am very much looking forward to the English class, we have two English teacher, is a kind of lada teacher wang, oral English is very good, classroom teaching model we like, there is a teacher is a foreign teacher, pure beauty of spoken language, class, like watching TV, her class is easy, everyone is happy to play. There is tai communication. I can know many friends in Thailand. When we meet in school, we will greet each other.

As a constitutional monarchy, Thailand always pays attention to the etiquette between people. When we meet each other, we would greet each other with a smile. A buddhist country, let me to have a different view of religious belief, come to Thailand, what impressed me most is not the scenery is not food, but the humanities here, Thai pure kindness without ambition, honesty prevails throughout, advhcg in this is often the case, most of the Thai people not greed, not false, not snarky, only will be greeted with a smile. Compared with China,Thailand may not be so developed economically, but its social atmosphere must be worth learning. If a businessman has no ambition or cunning, he is not a successful businessman, and China is a fast-growing one. However, along with the economic development, the human touch of the whole society is gradually losing. Before, my understanding of religion may only be taboo like food, but after I came to Thailand, I felt the power of religion and belief, which can restrain the people of a country to be kind and friendly. Chinese people also have religion, but most people don't have any faith. The relationship between people is too cold and too focused on interests, which leads to the development of social morality in a bad direction.

? People, at the beginning of the goodness in Thailand after the words, my biggest harvest is not born, is selfish, vicious, social and economic development, social structure transformation, makes the society becomes a bit of indifference, the result is independent of the human nature, was brought by the group, I appreciate xi cultural power of the prime minister, in the trend of historical progress to realize the cultural progress, revival of traditional culture, etiquette, this is the real socialist society.


Yu Haoxia

If you suddenly realize late one night that you haven't read a book for a long time, and you don't feel any guilt, you have fallen.

I said I couldn't live my life like this.

Every time I look at the bustling city of Bangkok in the night, I feel like a trance between my future, the lights are scattered, that I can not see clearly a confusion.


As my thoughts wandered with the city lights, I suddenly remembered my thoughts before the college entrance examination. "When you really hate people and things around you, the way to express your disgust is to study hard and try to get out of the loop. Then you will never see the people you hate anymore. They are as quiet as dead." I mistakenly thought that if I went to the big cities of Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou, I would jump out of my current circle. This prosperous city lights suddenly let me alert, I am still deeply trapped in this "circle".

Once I was in apartment 2 of nanyuan, at 11:00 PM, when I saw this circle of friends I had sent out, I couldn't help but sigh with emotion. I was drunk in the late night with computer games and filled my empty stomach with takeout. Is this the university life? Before the college entrance examination, vigorous and passionate affidavit, where did you go in that scene of ambition? All these vows, efforts in exchange for such numbness, erosion and tasteless life? What about the academic ivory tower? What about you who used to be a teenager?

The circle can't jump like that.

I didn't really jump out of the "circle". I thought I would get on the plane and cross the border to reach the "far". Actually, I'm still spinning. I laugh at myself like a joke.

The only way out of the circle is to really transmute yourself, to be reborn. Step by step to force yourself on the road, Get ahead of yourself.

I knew it would be painful to take a bath in the fire, but I still chose to jump in the sea of fire, rather than waiting for death to burn.

When really experienced all the pain will not feel so painful. You will see your soul's mouth slightly rose, all the pain will be gone with the wind.

It is true that the sky is going to fall on great people. Great people are not just geniuses, but also determined people.

The circle should jump right.

Everyone seems to be very busy these days. The freshmen are busy with various activities and clubs, the students in the second year are busy with love and obtaining certificates, and the students in the third year are busy with internship and graduation.

Recently, there was a popular picture, which said, "can I go back to the third year of high school for a rest?" Are you tired now? It might be a lot, but did you listen carefully? Are you tired now? There may be a lot of activity, but have you done it with all your heart? Are you tired now? Have morning and evening classes already tormented you out of shape? Are you tired now? Do you complain most about not getting enough sleep and not getting enough Internet access? Are you tired now? Do you feel like you have too much to do with a limited number of tasks in a week? Are you tired now? Is it a burden to go downstairs and buy food when there's no class? You think you're busy so you're tired.

Don't tease you just because you're inefficient. You're just touching yourself. Your procrastination, your cancer of laziness, you tired is your choice, you keep complaining, how can not tired?

You look like a failure in your hurry. So dear you, you can do many stupid things in life, but the two most stupid things are: refuse to read, ignore the soul; Refuse to exercise and neglect your health.

The worst thing is that you have been doing nothing all your life, and you say that being ordinary is valuable. Many words are covered by "chicken soup", which is tasteless and plain at first. Can be separated from other days in the present, read but suddenly a burst of sadness, or sigh or melancholy.

A future we cannot hope for, a dream we cannot give up. It's time to hit the road. Only when you become strong can you protect the person I love. Silently, and keep moving forward, I firmly believe, not far away, a ray of light is waiting, waiting to illuminate me.

Communication and Study in Thailand

Yanling Yang

When I went to Thailand as an exchange student, many relatives and friends would ask me why I did not choose such countries as Europe, America, Japan and Korea. We need to be decided carefully .Every coin has tow sides.When we think about a thing we should be comprehensive. When you have the ability to add color to your life and have the opportunity to broaden your horizons, you are brave enough to seize the opportunity to study in Thailand instead of giving up.

Ruijiapu international campus is located in the warm wuli district of Bangkok. The six colleges of the school are all excellent.

As the newcomer, we are not too accustomed to the new environment, the first impression is that the telephone pole here is very messy, directly pulled down the level of appearance. The traffic here is not too crowded, there are subway light rail, highway and so on, but the speed of the car here is very fast, and the motorcycle feels like racing, which is really dangerous. I have been studying as an exchange student in Ruijapu university for almost a month, and I gradually blend into this magical country. You will suddenly find the city more and more lovely, and gradually feel the charm of Bangkok.

As exchange students, we represent not only ourselves, our school, and also our country. Therefore, the ordinary wear is particularly important. In any university in Thailand, school uniforms are the main part, and boys are basically white long-sleeved shirts and black pants. In addition, they should wear a belt with a leader belt, a school badge and a belt with a school badge, and a pair of black shoes should also be worn. Girls are mostly white short-sleeved shirts and black short skirts, and wear school badges and school belts. There is no special requirement for shoes, but it is better to wear black high heels, which is more polite.

The director also told us that we'd better buy an iron together. The clothes should be ironed before wearing, which is more appropriate and respectful to teachers. School courses in some interest for us at first, for example, learning etiquette, learn to do in Thailand Thai food, Thai dancing, playing Musical Instruments, made in Thailand Thai handmade, etc., let us to Thailand have a preliminary understanding and the understanding, also inspired our curiosity about Thailand, let we want to further to understand Thai, Thailand. Of course, the learning method here is totally different from that in China. I feel the learning atmosphere that is not available in China, and I feel different education methods. In class the teacher is also very will adjust to drive the atmosphere, forming a more relaxed way of class, also has a lot of group discussion, class content is rich and colorful, not just confined to a classroom, not just confined to a school, we will go to other school to learn, to all sorts of resplendent and magnificent temple for praying, feel its original flavor of the locals to water market, to the side of the shopping malls. Therefore, the class schedule here is constantly updated, not just a single class schedule, there will always be unfinished, so we will look forward to what classes will be held next, and what will be wonderful. The learning pressure here is not so great, and the teachers are generally very friendly and enthusiastic.

Almost a month, there are many good memories, we live and study together, enjoy the golden autumn festival together, held the flag-raising ceremony. In the following exchange time, I hope you can become a better self and meet a different self. More to remember, walk how far do not forget when the road.


Communicate and study in Thailand

Xiangting Zhang

With longing and reluctance, my six friends and I have been on a one-year exchange trip to Rajapruk University. In the past January, we attended classes, dined and participated in activities together. We not only experienced the local customs of Thailand, but also learned Thai language. We lived a full life and learned a lot of Thai culture.


On October 5th, we arrived at the airport at 7:30, and than we met teachers and my heart was very excited. Just a few months ago, the nine teachers of Rajapruk University went to the sea to train Chinese, and I was the volunteer to assist the teachers in the life of the teachers, and I was lucky enough to have a month of happy time with them. The teachers returned warmly and said they hoped we could all go to Thailand to study. I also promised to go anyway. Finally, I was lucky enough to come to Thailand. After the teachers took us to the supermarket to buy the groceries and after dinner, we came to the school, and we met the teacher, teacher a teacher and teacher Zhu in the dormitory building, and the teachers would speak Chinese and they would be good for us.

In Thailand, we have to wear our school uniform every day. We have classes at 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning, and class at 12:00. We have classes at 13:00 or 14:00. The education model in Thailand is different from that in China. It pays more attention to the practical ability of students. There are no classes after 4pm. Everything is new: Thai food, Thai greetings, hot weather, etc. In this month, we learned Thai traditional dance, Thai language, listening, speaking, reading and writing, etc., which made me feel the important influence of excellent traditional culture on the people and even the society, which was also the most impressive. In the study of "kneeling", the contrast between the incessant inhaling and repeated smiling demonstrations by Thai teachers was obvious. That's not much, of course, but it's enough to get a glimpse of what Thailand's traditional etiquette culture can admire.

It has long been one of the countries with a higher happiness index in the world. As a foreign stranger, I can find a sense of stability and reassuringly in Bangkok. Bangkok's happiness is not in the high end of the infrastructure, but in the details of life: the drivers in Bangkok are not able to express their mood in the car horn, so there will be no noise in the streets of Bangkok. In the street of Bangkok, the locals, whether they deny it, give each other a pure smile , and the extent of their kindness and sincerity will allow people to cross the country, race and language, and this is a sign that a smile is a worthy international language. The visit is a real feeling that Thailand is a country that makes people humble and peaceful, and in addition to the above reasons, the local tone is mild and the face is smiling and it is assimilated unconsciously.

I like watching Thai dramas and have been exposed to some Thai and culture, so I can basically communicate with the Thai people. Over time, I have learned more and more words and sentences, and I feel that I have been integrated into the rhythm of life in Thailand. I hope soon I can communicate without translation. In addition to classroom lessons, we also have outdoor and off-campus activities, such as going to the school canteen to learn how to order food in Thai, going to the water market to taste Thai food and view the beautiful scenery, going to the temple to ask for blessings, going to the flower market to buy flowers and make blessing garland, and so on. During the weekend vacation, we will go to a famous university in Thailand to experience the learning atmosphere there.

Thanks very much to the school and teachers for taking care of us. The one-month life made me feel the local culture of Thailand and the eating and rest habits. I believe our study life in Thailand will be more colorful.

Communication and Study in Thailand

Jieshi Zhong

As the saying goes , "Learn as much as you and do all you can” .

When I learned that I had the opportunity to communicate and learn in Thailand, I decided to seize the opportunity and carry my luggage. ?I came to Thailand with six other students of the Haikou College of Economics in September.

In the first month, I have communications and study with Thai teachers and students. I have learned that Thailand is not only known as "the land of smiles", but also known as "the land of yellow robes". ?In Teacher Mat's history class, I learned that Buddhism is the state religion of Thailand. According to statistics, the buddhists in Thailand account for 95% of the total population of Thailand, with 300,000 people becoming monks. It can be seen that Buddhism still has a great influence on the daily life of Thai people.

As a student, when I first came to Thailand, I deeply felt the strong religious atmosphere in Thailand. Not far behind the school is a magnificent temple with yellow robes. The monks come to school to prayer for students someday.

"The earliest education in Thailand was the traditional temple education, so the culture of Buddhism has a deep influence on the school education", Teacher Earn explained to us. In our first class of the semester, teacher Earn taught us that people from Thai do not like to shake hands with others in daily communication, but adopt the highly buddhist rite of communion. If you remember to salute your elders every day, you will be regarded as a very polite person. We bear in mind that "each of you students is an image ambassador of China", as President Zhang of the international college said to us at the beginning of the semester. We always remember to greet the teachers with a salutation before the classes of instruments, English and cooking.

In addition to communicating with Thai students about their own language and culture in the classes, we also shared the cultural customs of other countries with Mrs. Ladawan, local customs, cuisine and so on. Among them, most of the people in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drink alcohol, middle east characters are written from right to left, and Italian boys like girls with lots of hair and think it is very sexy.

To say that the learning in Thailand is the most different from that in China, Thailand pays more attention to practice than theory. Besides academic exchanges and learning in daily life, teachers and students in Thailand also have cooking classes, experience and learning in the aquatic market and participate in activities held by another school campus. Hands-on cooking class knead flour local dessert coconut milk, taro circle water markets fully apply to learn Thai, personally interested in buy food, another campus live personally kind of cactus in the feelings of the birth of a new life, personally weave rope bracelet feelings not easily with precious art by hand, personally participate in the picture is Thai's game feelings of Thai unknown unique charm.

The Mid-Autumn festival, the full moon day is also the day for family reunion. During the second Chinese New Year, dean zhang of the international college, in order to help students in foreign countries to ease their homesickness, arranged Chinese restaurants for Chinese students to eat Chinese food, get along with Chinese people, speak Chinese and celebrate Chinese festivals. Let us feel the warmth of home even in a foreign country.

Communication and Study in Thailand

Xinyu Zhujun

In 2018, I was honored to study in Thailand as an exchange student of Haikou University of Economics. New things, strange environment, learning and living in Thailand this year's study is full of longing, I know that the road of learning is full of thorns, but I still want to go forward.??

When I left China and set foot in Thailand, everything was new, different races, different regions, different clothes, different languages, although there are many differences with China, but there is no barrier to get along with them. In front of them you will never have any vigilance, said Thailand is a country of smiles, is a smile to make you and me closer. Wherever you go, you will feel at home.

In Thailand, you do not have to worry about the loss of items, you can feel at ease to do their own things to pick up, I still remember the first shopping, we left the shopping in the supermarket, back to look for things when they are still in the same place. The cashier stayed where he was and never left. This has given me a new appreciation for Thailand as a country.

The people of Thailand are very polite, they will get on and off the subway when there is an orderly queue, there is no competition, only comity. When you are shopping, the shop assistant will say hello to you warmly. When you pick something up, anyone who passes you will lower his body so as not to disturb you. Smiling, listening and being polite wherever we go, it makes us feel flattered and eager to live in Thailand for the first time.

As exchange students, we are not only learning curriculum knowledge, different from the national culture, the exchange between different schools is also an important part of this study. Unlike the Chinese teachers, Thai teachers usually teach us in combination with the scene, not boring class content, rich and diverse forms, in the temple to learn etiquette culture, in the supermarket to learn everyday language, in activities to meet new friends.

In the study we divided into different groups, the group has the team consciousness, between the group has the competition consciousness, everybody is busy, finally each group member must carry on the summary to the class, with the Thai schoolmate so, although does not know the language But the knowledge is the same. Compared with China, Thai food culture is relatively simple, curry, salad is the Thai table indispensable dishes. Different night markets have different tastes. I have been to the famous night market in Bangkok and the local market in Nuewuri, but I still feel that the Chinese food culture contains more friendship and stories.

Learning is to feel the culture, and travel is to enrich what you see, if not leave China, I will not feel a person in a lonely-dinner inadvertently met with the old overseas Chinese, a few words of exchange will make us feel more intimate; If I had not left China, I would not have felt the good and evil of the world; if I had not left China, I would not have met these interesting people and interesting things. If you have something you want to do, do it. Don't wait for regrets. I am glad that I have chosen the right one, leaving behind a beautiful memory that is worth remembering.


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