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Impressions of HUE exchange students studying in Rajapruk University Thailand

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DATE: 20.04.2020

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Editor’s Note

As an important part of international cooperation, exchange programme plays a special role in promoting academic exchanges between China and other countries and friendship between Chinese and foreign youths. On 5th September this year, eight students from different schools of Haikou University of Economics went to Rajapruk University of Thailand to start a one-year exchange programme. Through this project, students experience the teaching mode and life style of university in Thailand. The outdoor teaching plus social practice broadens their horizons and enriches their experience. Following are the articles of the eight students who have been studying and living in Rajapruk university for a month. The editor has not made any revision in order to let the readers fully share their experience.

New experience for exchange student in Thailand


I think I am very lucky that I can be one of eight exchange students in Haikou University of Economics to study in Thailand. And I arrived in Thailand on September fifth. Now a mouth has passed and I feel a lot to sum up my life in Thailand. I hope everyone can learn about the life of Thailand. Here are some details.

First of all, the people that I meet always smiling to me, which impressed me a lot. For example, the staff in the canteen always smiled at me when I went to buy food, which makes me feel very warm and moved. Also, when I meet a teacher in the corridor, I will close my hands and say "sa wa di ka" to show respect and good wishes. Then the teacher will answer with a smile. When I am in the elevator, the teachers will not press the elevator for me until they know that I am safe to get out of the elevator. Therefore, the people in Thailand are very polite which makes me feel comfortable and thankful.

As we all know, Thailand is a Buddhist, so the Buddhist has a great influence on the daily life of Thai people. Therefore, the lesson that every student has to do every day is to recite sutras in school. All students gather on the playground at 7:40 every morning. There are two routine activities: one is the national anthem and the other one is chanting. Thai people love slow-paced life, nature as well as pursuing tranquility. This is a way of self-cultivation, giving people more space to think. It has deeply penetrated into everyone's life. Every morning when listening to the teacher or when the school is meeting, the students should sit cross-legged and listen carefully. One of the most impressive activities was that eight of our exchange students, leading by Miss. Dai, went to another campus of Rajapruk University for activities. The activity included two parts: donating food for monks and doing action with Thai students to promote friendship. All students and teachers need to meditate like monks so that they can keep away from evil and bless peace. The teacher also tied the rope to our hands and wished us health and happiness. We knelt down to get it. After that we all made a lot of Thai friends, which helps us improve our Thai quickly. I think this activity is pretty meaningful.

What's more, students have very little homework after school. They have a lot of time to go to the football field to play football. So do primary school students. Unlike Chinese students, they have to do lots of homework and take extra lessons after class. Therefore, I think "Survival education" has always been the core of Thai education, throughout the whole process of teaching activities, aiming at cultivating students' survival ability, practical ability, independence and cooperation.

To sum up, Life is not only work, but also extra self-relaxation to enjoy life and understand the true meaning of life. In my opinion, to study as an exchange student in Thailand is not only a process of learning, but also a process of cultivating one's mind. It helps me more peaceful, modest and indifferent to fame and fortune in my own heart.




After studying this time in Thailand, I gained a lot.  There are many different places in the culture of Thailand and China, which gives me a lot of insights.

 First of all, Thai students are very united and different from Chinese students.  They like sports very much, and every day in the school, Thai students who play football and table tennis can be seen.  Their vision is very good, and it is rare to see Thai students wearing glasses.  Use mobile phones in Chinese classrooms to be sneaky. In Thailand, you can use them brightly.  The study here is taught in English and Thai, so it is difficult for me.  After all, I am an art student, and the ability of the culture class is not very strong.  But the tutor here is very patient, although it is a little hard to learn, but after this period of time, I have made progress in learning Thai.

 I like Thai food very much, so I am very interested in the food in the cafeteria.  The price here is not very expensive, so I will try a lot of food.  It’s important to go out alone, so the mindset is very important.  But Thai teachers are very enthusiastic, and they will really help you when you are in trouble.  There are also many Chinese students studying at the school, and everyone is very friendly.  Medical expenses are very expensive when you see a doctor in Thailand, so it is necessary to have medical insurance.

 The weather in Thailand is very hot, but because we used to study in Hainan, it is actually quite similar, so the environment to adapt to this will be very fast.

 Thailand is a country that values courtesy and has many of its own traditional cultures.  Thailand's population quality is very high, so you can't lose the face of the Chinese when you go out, and you will restrain yourself a lot.  In short, this study life has benefited me a lot.


The feeling in Thailand

I was excited and nervous about this journey to a foreign country by myself. I couldn't sleep well until the night before the plane took off, due to I were going to a place where didn't speak Chinese, language communication, eating habit and culture were all unfamiliar to me.

I arrived in Thailand after an hour and a half flight. when I walked into Suvarnabhumi airport. It made me realize that this is Thailand where I will live and study for a year.

With the street lamp at night, I looked at this strange country to me. Each building bears trace of age, and some old temples are located in it, blending perfectly with new building. In this atmosphere, you can feel that this is Thailand.

I have been living in Thailand for a month. Therefore, I'd like to talk about my feeling in Thailand. firstly, I tend to talk about my school time. 

The universities in Thailand is different with universities in China, such as you must to wear uniform during school. The time and the way of class are also different. The class start at 9 a.m and end of 4 p.m There will be no textbook, and the content of the class is usually decided by teacher himself. What surprise me most is that teachers and students in Thai usually don't arrive on time.

All teachers are very friendly to us. When we have trouble, they will help us as much as possible. There is a teacher, who we called him " china hand". Although he is a Thai teacher but he can speak Chinese fluently. In the course of the class, there are many funny things, for example, he has asked us. If informal university called "diploma mill", why aren't informal professor called "pheasant professor". These interesting things make me awarded of the culture differences and these differences reval that county's culture is unique. However, the funny things, caused by these differences of culture make us closer to each other. 

Thailand is a Buddhist country and the person also respect the royal family. What's more, you can see stupa and the portrait of the king everywhere.

The place of life in Thailand is slower than in China. From my own perspective, in China, everyone is chasing time; on the contrary, people in Thai more like to enjoy their own time.

There are quite a few differences between Thailand and china. I have been living here for a month and I will be here for a long time. It's joyful to stay here, at the same time, I will be eager to rich myself by broaden my horizons for this year.


My feelings in Thailand

Past more than one month, I had quite a few experiences in Thailand different from China, ranging from language, lifestyles, cultural background and so on.

I took flight from ChangSha to Bankok for six hours then I came to the beautiful nation-Thailand. Having arrived in Bankok, I happened to find a superrich that could exchange RMB and Thai Baht according to daily exchange rate. It is so convenient for foreigners to simply exchange the local cash. After that, I prepared to go through the custom but there was some progress that I was not sure, after all it was the first time to go abroad. When I sent my passport to a man wearing uniform, looking like very cautious and serious, the man smiled without any madness even if I did not how to pass their checks. Possibly, I was too nervous, seeing so many people look like me but speak totally different language. At that moment, kinds of complex emotions flashed from my heart. At the airport, two teachers was waitting, one of them could speak Chinese fluently. They wore scholastic uniforms, showing pretty good politeness to us. What is worth mentioning is that Thai is so polite and kind, making me at home. 

When it comes to teachers, I would like to introduce my head teacher, AJ TAI, a graceful woman having both beauty and talent. I could not use my calling card from AIS company so I asked help for AJ TAI. She took me to a big mall where AIS company located in here, driving her own car by herself. However, things were not going well as we expected. We asked the saleswoman three or four times about the problems of card, asking help for the maintainence man about my mobile phone. In the end, by our concerted efforts, we solved the problem through taking down the card and changing the location of two calling cards. In the course of the entire progress, she was so patient to do me a favor without any return, which really touched me deeply. After we finished the repair, she would have a meeting without a short break.

The short-term pain caused by these challenges in life, may be in the long-term interest of develop our capacity.

It is, indeed, there are some differences and similarities between the language of two countries.

As far as tone goes, stress varies from European and American countries such as visa, strawberry, cantaloup , and other daily words.Thai people transfer some English words into loanwords by virtue of their language system. In school, Monday is a relaxing day for all of us, we can have a rest day. In addition, we have to eat dinner earlier than we are in China for canteen will close at 5 p.m..What's more, no matter who you are students or teachers, you do not have a break after lunch. We can make full use of one hour to take a break if our class ends early or next class begins lately.

Additionally, multinational cultures enable our brains to be a active state in some degrees. When taking a taxi to 711 or supermarket, we could see kinds of delicate cottages aside roads. It is more specially mentioned that colorful appearance of buildings. Far from that, it seems like Thai people are color's enthusiasts for the reason that they wear bright colors clothes in daily life. Of course, we can look a gorgeous body of billboards everywhere. Not only their building appearance is unique, but their internal structure of building. In residential buildings, in general, parking place sets as 7 storeys, which means Thai will park their cars inside. As far as the locals, it is convenient for residents to park their cars, at the same time, it will set aside lots of space for city construction. In my opinion, it can be called a design of humanization.

Then, I tend to talk about Thai taxi and drivers. It is all known that Thai taxi have six colors appearance. Drivers do not like people have food including drinking inside cars and they hope passagers talk in low sound. If we are uncareful about that, we will be blamed or got out of the car. It sounds really amazing, very characteristic, right? It is not only a rule but a politeness and dignity. 

Similarly, as exchange students, we present the face of our motherland. Therefore, we should meet challenges and improve abilities at the same time. As a special part within my lifetime, I will try my best to achieve without regrets.


Learn and live in Thailand


Form home to Thailand have more than 3500km.

First time abroad is for study knowledge. Half year ago, I decide to be an exchange student for one year, know I stay in dormitory alone and type this essay.

In Thailand everything is become slow, except motorcycle 🏍, I like this kind of life because of slow, you can do more thing than in China, Thai people is a little lazy, so you need study hard and you will get better than Thai student. 

Well back to theme, in this year I have 4 semesters first learn Thai language and Thai music ♬, also we study English for daily life, this semester will end in Oct 19. After exams I get a little holiday for 15 days, we plan to visit Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

For second semester we will learn more courses including English, business computers application, international business management, businesses environment management. 4 courses, for 5 months. 

The third course speaking and business English conversation. Form 24 March 2020 to 26 May 2020.

The last course only human relations and pentangle. We will back to Homeland in 28 August 2020.

Daily life in Thai is very comfortable, whoever you meet you must say: สวัสดี sawadika ,  and people always have smile in face, that the life I like, kind to everyone even don’t know who you are, where you from. 

Two class one day, each class 3 hours, don’t have break in lunch only 1 hour for eating, nervous but efficient! 

Thailand is in East 7th district, 1 hour early than China, that not a problem for me.

Although Thailand is a good country for enjoy life, but we come here to learn knowledge and link two school Haikou University and Rajapruk University, this year we’ll be very hard, but we don’t afraid anything, we study we grow up, when we back to China we will become honor of our school. 

In the last, thank everyone who help us.


learning in Thailand

Every time I hear about Thailand, I see that Thailand is on TV or on the Internet. I dream that I can come to Thailand one day, even if I only stay as a tourist for a week. Facts have proved that if you work hard, your dreams will always be realized. It is to rely on strength to pave the way. Without an excellent result, you will not work hard. The dream is fantasy.

This is the first time I have left the country and left home. Before I came, I was worried. I was afraid that I couldn't understand Thai. I was afraid that I could not understand the whole English teaching. I was even more afraid that I could not adapt to life here. One year, although it is as white as it is, it is enough to change a lot. I hope to seize the small tail of fate and make me even better.

After I arrived in Thailand, my fears became redundant. I enjoy it, their ultra-slow rhythm, don't have to go to class, grab the school bus, feel their enthusiasm, no matter where you are from, treat each other with enthusiasm, smile at you, thank you for hanging on your lips and feel them. The food, the unique curry, and the long-awaited volcanic ribs are pretty good. In the month of Thailand, I liked this country.

The seniors told us that Thai people are lazy. They don't like to work hard and work hard. They struggle and struggle, and they just must eat and drink. So, they are jealous of the Chinese, blaming our efforts, swearing on our perseverance and ignoring our spirit. We only need to compete with ourselves and keep improving.

At the same time, the school here is relatively easy. Thailand's education pays more attention to students' hands-on ability and extracurricular practice. We have four days a week, two classes a day for three hours, from 9 am to 4 pm. There is an hour of lunch between the two. Thai people do not have the habit of taking rest after lunch. They all go to school after school in the afternoon. Thai teachers attach great importance to Chinese students and are equally interested in Chinese culture. While learning Thai, they are also learning Chinese from us. This atmosphere of learning together makes us no longer nervous and unfamiliar, allowing us to integrate into the new environment more quickly.

It is divided into three semesters, ranging from fifteen days to one month of semester. The first semester is from September 5th to October 19th. This semester has just come to the Thai language. It is the most basic Thai language exchange, so don't worry about what I can't do Thai. The second semester is a professional course, teaching in English, such as the business administration we studied. The third semester is a combination of Thai and English, with commercial English and Thai public communication. The course arrangement is detailed, and the teachers are responsible and responsible. I am very honored to be here.

Maybe I am not the best, but I will always work hard and fight. As an exchange student of Haikou Economic College, I am going to exchange studies with Rajapruk University in Thailand. It is an honor given to me by the school. I will cherish this opportunity and add glory to the school, so that the words "the students of Haijing Academy are the best" are inscribed in the history of the University of Regis.


Experience in studying in Thailand

   Hello everyone.I'm Xu Linyi.I am a student at the 18th level of Tourism and Civil Aviation Management School of Hotel Management.It's a great honor to have this opportunity to exchange studies in Thailand.Next, let me tell you about my experience in studying in Thailand.

   As a student, I came out to Thailand and I deeply felt this rich religious atmosphere.The school also often invites high-spirited monks to go to school to speak theories.Because of the belief in Buddhism, Thai people do not like to shake hands with people in their daily communication, but adopt a Buddhist ceremony.There are slightly different ways to hold different hands together.Generally speaking, the higher the position of the other party, the higher the hands should be, the more respect.In the school in Thailand, every morning when I see the teacher, I have to do my best to show my respect and best wishes.

   In any university in Thailand, school uniforms are the mainstay.Boys are basically white long-sleeved shirts and black trousers.  Also wear a tie, wear a school badge and a belt with a school logo. If it is more formal, it should also be paired with a pair of black leather shoes.The girls are basically white short-sleeved shirts and black pleated skirts, followed by the school badge and the belt with the school logo. There are no special requirements for the shoes, preferably black shoes, which is more polite.

   I have been in Thailand for a month, and the beautiful tropical scenery, the smile and enthusiasm of the Thai people have left a deep impression on me.The Thai teacher took care of us and took us to the mall to shop, eat, and do activities.Thai classmates are very friendly and ask their questions carefully.In Thailand, there is a time to exchange activities with Thai students every week, so that Chinese students can better understand Thai culture, learn Thai music and dance, and enjoy local Thai folk customs.

   In the days away from family and friends, I have encountered difficulties and experienced setbacks. I am lonely and helpless in my life. My life will be wonderful because of this experience. My emotions are more due to this experience. Rich, my goal is also clearer due to this experience. I am very happy to have this opportunity to study in Thailand.I believe that the future of life is more colorful, it will be the best memories of my life.


Study and Life in Thailand

Before I share the study life in Thailand, I want to express my thanks to my school,Haikou University Of Economics, and my teachers.Thank you for believing me and give me this chance to study abroad.It is a great honor for me to study in Thailand, so I will study hard live up to my educators' expectations.Now, I would like to share my feelings in Thailand with you from the following aspects.

Firstly, I am prone to talk about the school- Rajapruk University.On the one hand, I would like to introduce the environment of the school.When I arrived here, I just intended to say that the university is too small, even though I was just in the car. Since we arrived at the school in the evening, the first place we saw after getting the car was the dormitory. On the second day’s morning, I walked around the school and then I found that they have two teaching buildings and one canteen. Besides, just one floor is the library. And furthermore we had lunch in the canteen, but we found that we were not used to the food here. On the second day's afternoon, we went outside to a supermarket to purchase some daily necessities, foods and other things that we needed. . I heard before I came that the air conditioner in Thailand would be cold. After going to the supermarket and having class in the classroom, I did feel it. The classroom in this school is intensely comfortable, but the bad thing is that the indoor air is not very good in that the air conditioner is no all the time. The next part is about the teacher. Teachers are all friendly and helpful. When we arrived here, we felt at a loss, for we did not know what we should do. Later, our headteacher took us to another supermarket to buy something that we needed and told us where we can change money. It was our first time to Thailand and neither of us could speak Thai, so the school arranged Thai classes for us in the first semester. In China, we have two semesters, while there are three semesters one year in Thailand. In order to adopt to Thai life faster and better, our headteacher took us to another campus of this university to take part in an annual activity. It is universally acknowledged that Thailand is a Buddhist country, so this activity was a sermon. After the activity accomplished, we played some games with Thai students. When we had lunch, Thai students invited us to join them and eat together. Their enthusiasm can be felt by all of us.

Secondly, I would like to talk about the lifestyle of Thai. The reason why I say Thai way of life is dissimilar from the Chinese way of life is that Thai citizen enjoys life more than Chinese people. I have been living in Thailand over a month, and I find that they prefer to enjoy life rather than make money. As for them, money is enough, not too much. If they want to go out with their families or travel, they will close their shop and accompany their families. From my own perspective, it is nice for them. On the contrary, in China, everyone is busy, busy race against time, busy with work, busy with study, busy with all kinds of things. Almost individuals get up early and sleep extremely late. They always do not have enough time to stay with their families. I'm not saying that this lifestyle is bad, but I'm saying that it's necessary to enjoy life properly.

Finally, I would like to talk about my plan. As an English major, it is extremely necessary for me to learn a foreign language and know foreign culture. Currently, society is no longer single to the requirements of the applicant, only professional knowledge is not enough, but also has other capabilities and social experience. Thus, in my view, we should learn professional in school. Simultaneously, we should also use our spare time or holidays to accumulate some social experience. Now, I listen carefully in class. After that, on weekends, I would occasionally go out with my classmates to experience the life of Thai people. Additionally, the study here is very easy, so we have more time to do our own things. I do not mean that I have enough time to play with friends, and I just tend to express that I can prepare for some examinations in homeland. This is also a test for us, because, for quite a few people, on condition that there is more time for entertainment, it is easy to relax, and he is no longer nervous about studying. I know if I relax, I will fall behind others. I know clearly the purpose of studying in Thailand, so I will keep studying hard.

Last, I would like to thank the university again for giving me this opportunity to have a different experience in my college life.



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